The best-selling ATec photovoltaic mounting system in France

Helios B² is a photovoltaic mounting system for installing photovoltaic panels on sloping roofs. It can be adapted to buildings that either have an uninsulated roof deck (steel deck with trapezoidal profile) or a sandwich panel roof. Helios B² is a process certified by a Technical Approval (ATec) from the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). It is on the Green List of the Product Prevention Commission (C2P) of the Construction Quality Agency (AQC).

The advantages of HELIOS B²

Advantages of the system

A photovoltaic solution that is fixed into the building's load-bearing structure

This mounting system is sturdy and reliable. Helios B² allows the load to be supported by the load-bearing structure by being fixed directly in the building’s purlins. The steel profiles are attached using the roof deck screws to avoid additional perforation. Dome Solar therefore reduces the risk of water infiltration by ensuring optimal watertightness of the roof.


Solar panels installed in the blink of an eye

Installation time is optimised due to support clips which can be fitted by the roofing company at the same time as it lays the deck. This leaves only the steel rails to be clipped onto the photovoltaic panels to be installed. Thanks to the factory pre-assembled spacers on the rail, installation of the solar modules can be started at the top, middle or bottom of the generator, which is a major advantage.

The efficiency of your photovoltaic panels

With the Helios B² photovoltaic process there is considerable ventilation under the solar panels. With an air space of 121.5 to 145.5 mm between the roofing and the solar panel, ventilation is guaranteed.

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Technical data

USE New roof or total or partial renovation
Distance between purlins: 2 m on 0.75 uninsulated roof deck and sandwich panels and 1.8 m on 0.63 uninsulated roof deck (possible to provide calculations for any project outside the scope of use)
TYPE OF ROOF Standard steel deck and sandwich panel
SUPPORTING STRUCTURE Metal or wooden frame
SYSTEM COMPONENTS Steel rail, steel rail support + EPDM seal and aluminium clamp
OPTIONS Module Grounding Connector


Helios B²

The Helios B² system from Dome Solar is a solution for mounting photovoltaic panels on trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels.
This solution is certified by a Technical Approval (ATec) and a New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN).