The only ATec approved photovoltaic mounting system for public buildings

Kogysun i+ is a photovoltaic mounting system for installing solar panels on sloping roofs. It is used on buildings with sandwich panel roofs and is on the Green List of the Product Prevention Commission (C2P) of the Construction Quality Agency (AQC).

The advantages of KOGYSUN i+

Advantages of the system

A photovoltaic solution that is fixed into the building's structure

The Kogysun i+ photovoltaic mounting is a reliable solution that allows the load to be borne by the building’s load-bearing structure. It can be fitted to most sandwich panels on the market with a polyurethane core (PIR) or a rock wool core.

The first and only ATec for sandwich panels

Kogysun i+ is the only photovoltaic process for sandwich panels certified by a Technical Approval (ATec) from the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). It is therefore the only solution approved by current technology. Since sandwich panels with rock wool insulation are specially recommended for public buildings, the Kogysun i+ mounting system provides a real solution to meeting the specific fire safety requirements of these buildings.

Durability of your solar installation

Due to its unique and patented design, the Kogysun i+ photovoltaic mounting does not affect the technical performance (mechanical or thermal) of the roof sandwich panels. They retain all their initial properties. The entire installation will age well and waterproofing is ensured over the long term.

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Technical data

USE New roof or total or partial renovation
Distance between purlins: 2m30 on polyurethane or rock wool sandwich panels (possible to provide calculations for any project outside the scope of use)
TYPE OF ROOF Polyurethane or rock wool sandwich panel
MODULE POSITION Landscape centred or not centred on the rails
MATERIALS Steel and aluminium
SUPPORTING STRUCTURE Metal or wooden frame
SYSTEM COMPONENTS Aluminium rail, steel rail support + EPDM seal and aluminium clamp
OPTIONS TerraGrif™


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