Photovoltaic mounting for car park canopies

Used for fitting solar panels, Helios RC3 is a photovoltaic mounting system for car park canopies. It is used on metal or wooden structures and allows photovoltaic panels to be fitted in portrait mode or landscape mode.

Car park canopies have many advantages, including protecting users and their vehicles (in summer and winter), using a concreted or tarred surface to produce electricity from renewable sources, or providing charging stations for electric vehicles.

The advantages of HELIOS RC3

Advantages of the system

A certified mounting solution

The photovoltaic process is certified by a New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN). This technical evaluation confirms the solidity of Helios RC3 photovoltaic mounting. This mounting system for car park canopies is ideal for solutions involving self-consumption and/or injection into the public electricity grid.

Magnelis® steel rails

The Omega rail included in Helios RC3 mounting is made of Magnelis® steel (steel base coated with a zinc-aluminium-magnesium alloy). This treatment ensures high performance. The Omega rail has a 25-year warranty against corrosion for use in a standard climate. It also allows the system to be used for projects in a marine climate (contact us for the warranty period).

Reliability and ease of use

Once Omega Rails have been fixed to the load-bearing structure, the photovoltaic panels are slid into the columns and attached from underneath. This saves time (no need to install safety devices for working on the roof). In addition, the solar modules are protected from possible cracks that could be caused by the installers. Watertightness is ensured by water drainage around the edge of the solar panels.

Documentation & Downloads

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Technical data

USE Canopy
TYPE OF ROOF Metal or wooden frame
MODULE POSITION Landscape and portrait
MATERIALS Steel and aluminium
SYSTEM WEIGHT 5.5 kg/m2 (with a rail approximately every 1.00m)
3.5 kg/m² (with a rail approximately every 1.70m)
SYSTEM COMPONENTS Steel rail and abutment, aluminium cover and crossbar, stainless steel screws
OPTIONS Module Grounding Connector


Helios RC3

The Helios RC3 system from Dome Solar is a mounting solution for car park canopies.
This solution is certified by a New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN).