Project management

From the submission of your photovoltaic project to the Sales Department, to the delivery of your mounting system, your file makes its way through all Dome Solar’s departments.

Request for Quotation

Once your request for a quotation has been received, it is sent to the Design Office, responsible for studying your future photovoltaic installation in detail.


Sales Department

Once your project has been checked and dimensioned, it comes back to the Sales Department for a quotation to be drawn up and sent to you.

Technical Department

Your project goes back to our integrated Design Office so that detailed layout plans can be drawn up.


Logistics Department

As soon as we have received your approval, the Logistics Department reserves the necessary parts from stock for the photovoltaic module mounting chosen or, in specific cases, launches the production and assembly of components.

Delivery / Finance Department

Your mounting system is delivered and your file is passed on to the Finance Department.


After-Sales Service

Lastly, the Design Office is available to give product training before work begins on your worksite or during installation if you have any technical questions.

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