Mounting for photovoltaic panels thermally welded to a synthetic membrane

Roof-Solar TPO is a photovoltaic mounting system used for installing solar panels on flat synthetic roofs. It is used on buildings with TPO membrane roofs. Without ballasting or perforation of the membrane, the installation of photovoltaic panels is facilitated.

The use of 60 cm Roof-Solar TPO rails results in a linear load distribution (rather than point load), thus reducing the risk of puncturing.

The advantages of ROOF-SOLAR TPO

Advantages of the system

A certified mounting solution

A resistant solution, the Roof-Solar TPO photovoltaic mounting has undergone several tests to be certified by a New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN) by Alpes Contrôles: resistance to climatic loads, watertightness, condensation, corrosion resistance. All the results of these tests show the reliability of this mounting system.

Do you need to reduce the roof load of your next photovoltaic installation?

Roof-Solar TPO allows solar panels to be installed on the roof in such a way that the added load on the building structure is as low as possible. The pre-assembled rails with the TPO retaining strips are thermally welded to the TPO synthetic membrane. Ballasting is therefore not required.

An ideal option for environmentally responsible buildings

When designing a building with a small ecological footprint, the TPO membrane is the perfect solution. It has an excellent carbon footprint because its production requires very little grey energy.

A premium metal: aluminium

The Roof-Solar TPO photovoltaic process uses 95% aluminium. This metal has many advantages including being light, strong, recyclable and highly resistant to corrosion.

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Technical data


USE Enclosed building, new roof or total or partial renovation
TYPE OF ROOF Concrete, ribbed steel sheets, wood. Insulation of compressibility class C. Synthetic waterproofing membrane.
MATERIALS Aluminium, stainless steel and TPO
SYSTEM COMPONENTS 0.6 m aluminium rails fitted with retaining strips, universal aluminium/stainless steel clamp, external clamp with aluminium/stainless steel finish, generator connector, cable guide
OPTIONS Module Grounding Connector (MGC) and Rail Grounding Connector (RGC)