Here are our Frequently Asked Questions. This support page aims to provide you with clarification and answers to the questions that our teams are most frequently asked. Of course, if you cannot find the information you are looking for on this page, we are here to answer you by email or telephone!
Take a look at the list of questions below and find answers to your queries:

Dome Solar is the specialist in mounting photovoltaic panels on large roofs. We offer photovoltaic mounting systems for sloping roofs (trapezoidal sheets, sandwich panels, fibre-cement corrugated sheets), flat roofs (bitumen waterproofing, PVC synthetic membrane, TPO synthetic membrane, EPDM rubber membrane) and car park canopies.

Dome Solar’s core business is the design and manufacture of mounting systems for photovoltaic panels on large roofs. However, we do have partnerships and can assist you in finding a supplier of solar panels and/or uninsulated roof deck.

Dome Solar certifies its mounting systems with New Technology Surveys (Enquêtes de Techniques Nouvelles – ETN) and ATecs (Technical Approvals). These French certifications are obtained as a result of drafting comprehensive technical files and extensive testing (tear resistance and compression).

Dome Solar markets its own mounting systems and also distributes them through three distributors of photovoltaic solutions: KDI SOLAR and LARIVIERE.

Contact us so that we can send you the document to be completed.

We design and manufacture but do not offer installation of our photovoltaic mounting systems. However, we are able to provide you with contact details of our partners/installers, depending on your geographical area.

Each project is studied beforehand by our Design Office and the sales offer results from this study. The detailed layout plans are then provided to you once your order has been placed with our Sales Department.

We offer this additional service to all our customers. If your teams are installing one of our systems for the first time, a member of our Design Office will provide remote product training if asked to do so. And of course, our technician will remain available during the work to answer any questions you may have.

Each of our mounting systems is intended for a particular use except for Ital-Solar and Helios B² which can be used on both uninsulated roof deck and sandwich panels.

Please complete the detailed online quotation form which will be sent to our Sales Department. This will forward it directly to the Design Office along with all your documents.