Mounting for photovoltaic panels on a rubber membrane

Roof-Solar EPDM is a photovoltaic mounting system used for installing solar panels on flat roofs. It is used on buildings with rubber membrane roofs.

The advantages of ROOF-SOLAR EPDM

Advantages of the system

A certified mounting

The resistance to climatic loads (snow and wind), watertightness, condensation risks and corrosion resistance are all points that were examined prior to obtaining the New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN). The outcome of these relentless tests allowed the solidity and stability of the Roof-Solar EPDM mounting system to be validated by Alpes Contrôles.

No water retention

Whatever the orientation of your solar panels water will drain off due to the mounting with studs.

Sloping roofs

Thanks to our integrated design office, you may also be able to have your photovoltaic modules installed on a roof with a steep slope. As this situation does not fall within the scope of the New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN), calculations will be done by our engineers.

Environmentally responsible buildings

When designing a building with a small ecological footprint, the EPDM membrane is a suitable solution. It has a very favourable carbon footprint for this type of application because its production requires little grey energy.

A premium metal

The Roof-Solar EPDM photovoltaic process uses 90% aluminium. This metal has many advantages including being light, strong, recyclable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Documentation & Downloads

PDF brochure

Download the file.


Contact us to request the manual.


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Technical data

USE Enclosed building, new roof or total or partial renovation
TYPE OF ROOF Concrete, ribbed steel sheets, wood. Insulation of compressibility class C. EPDM rubber membrane.
MODULE POSITION Landscape or portrait
MATERIALS Aluminium, stainless steel and EPDM
SYSTEM COMPONENTS 3.3 m aluminium rail, universal aluminium/stainless steel clamp, external clamp with aluminium/stainless steel finish, polyamide stud
OPTIONS Module Grounding Connector (MGC) and cable guide

Photovoltaic installations

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