Choose Dome Solar

When you choose Dome Solar you choose a quality product, but not just that! You are also choosing recognised certifications, solid technical support, personalised training and a dedicated team.



Design office

All the projects we receive are sent to our integrated Design Office which checks, according to rules and regulations, the project’s geographical data and possible climatic consequences, analyses the project according to the technical information you have provided, carries out the pre-study and draws up the detailed final layouts, with other tasks.

Certified technology

Our Technical Department works on a daily basis to carry out extensive tests in partnership with the largest industrial players. We make it a point of honour for each of our products to be certified by a recognised organisation (CSTB, Alpes Contrôles, Sud-Est Prévention). This ensures that your photovoltaic installations are guaranteed in the long term.

Priority support

You are of course in direct contact with your Sales representative at Dome Solar but also with our Logistics team to organise your deliveries and the Design Office to train installation teams before worksites start and to answer all your questions during the installation of the mounting system.

A dynamic and close-knit team

Our strength lies in the people who make and run Dome Solar on a daily basis. We are a responsive and supportive team that attaches particular importance to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our market is very vibrant and so are we!


Another major task of our Design Office is R&D. With a market that is constantly evolving and the focus on government imperatives, it is our duty to offer you a solution suited to your needs. Our Technical team is in an ongoing thinking process.

Export Department

Photovoltaic solar energy is useful for all types of industries, shops, warehouses, public buildings, agricultural buildings, both in France and abroad. With more than 10 years of experience on the French market, we are in demand internationally for the quality of our know-how.

Stock optimisation

Our Supply Chain Department anticipates the procurement, production and storage of the parts that make up our photovoltaic mounting systems so that we can guarantee a fast response time for your delivery requests.