The sturdiest ATec photovoltaic mounting system

Kogysun + is a photovoltaic mounting system for installing solar panels on sloping roofs. It is used on buildings with uninsulated roof deck (steel deck with trapezoidal profile) and is on the Green List of the Product Prevention Commission (C2P) of the Construction Quality Agency (AQC).

The advantages of KOGYSUN +

Advantages of the system

A photovoltaic system that is fixed to the building structure

Kogysun + is designed to be fixed to the building’s purlins, guaranteeing remarkable mechanical strength. The loads are evenly distributed so that the deck is not stressed. In addition, the Kogysun + photovoltaic mounting does not require any additional drilling into the deck. This mounting system is fixed in the same place as the lag screw that attaches the deck to the purlin.

A Technical Approval to accompany your project

The Kogysun + photovoltaic mounting is certified by a Technical Approval (ATec) from the Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB). It is approved by current technology. The extensions are a major element of the parts that comprise this mounting process. They provide the connection between the steel deck and the rails, allow the load to be distributed throughout the building structure and make it possible for the system to expand freely.

Excellent ventilation of the photovoltaic solar panels

The 115 mm air space on the underside of the panels provides exceptional ventilation from which the electrical production can only benefit.

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Technical data

USE New roof or total or partial renovation
Distance between purlins: 2m30 on 0.75 uninsulated roof deck and 1m80 on 0.63 uninsulated roof deck (possible to provide calculations for any project outside the scope of use)
TYPE OF ROOF Standard steel deck
MODULE POSITION Landscape centred or not centred on the rails
MATERIALS Steel and aluminium
SUPPORTING STRUCTURE Metal or wooden frame
SYSTEM COMPONENTS Aluminium rail, steel rail support + EPDM seal and aluminium clamp
OPTIONS TerraGrif™


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