Solar mounting systems

PV mounting systems for medium to large roofs

True photovoltaic expert, Dome Solar ensures the design, the manufacture and the sale of its solar mounting systems solutions for professionals solar PV.

Mounting systems solutions for Dome Solar photovoltaic generators

All Dome Solar systems are conform to current regulation and grant specific certifications (Assessment of New Techniques, Technical Advice, and Technical Evaluation of Experimentation) that allow to prove their performance and their reliability.

Our fastening photovoltaic solutions

The certifications

Each system is tested with the climatic conditions established under the current regulations (Eurocodes, NV 65, …). Once technical validation is obtained, a certificate is delivered.

ETN (Assessment of New Techniques)

This certification is assigned by a private organization, in our case by the inspection body « Alpes Contrôles ».

ATec (Technical Advice) & ATEx (Technical Evaluation of Experimentation), delivered by CSTB (Scientific and Technical Centre for Building)

CSTB has for mission to push forward the quality and the security of the buildings and their environment.

The Technical Advice or ATec is granted by a specialized group (SG) who is made of a group of expert representative of professions and ATEx (Technical Evaluation of Experimentation) is formulated by a group of experts on any product, method or innovative equipment.

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