CSR approach

Dome Solar’s CSR approach: quality and environmental responsibility

As a key player in environmental construction, Dome Solar has a duty to adopt a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach. It is our duty to integrate social and environmental concerns into our sales strategy as well as our internal policy. Valuing our employees, providing access to training, moving towards a paperless office, producing solar electricity, etc. are all subjects that we are keen to promote and develop.
We have opted for the ISO 9001:2015 standard in-house which allows us to improve the quality of management.


As a real continuous improvement process, the implementation of a high-performance quality management system and transition to the ISO 9001:2015 standard demonstrate Dome Solar’s permanent commitment to its quality policy.

One of the major challenges of ISO 9001:2015 is risk management. This new approach assesses the level of control the company has in identifying, managing and controlling risks related to internal processes. As far as Dome Solar is concerned, risk analysis is carried out by department, each of which is led by a member of staff. This is a winning methodology since, in addition to fully supporting the company’s development, it allows Dome Solar to obtain the highest level of efficiency for its management system, i.e. “Excellent”.


A solar roof

Our first action was to make the roof of our head office a solar roof.

Sustainably sourced printing

Our documentation is printed locally using vegetable-based inks on paper from sustainably managed forests.

Sustainable products

Plastic cups have been replaced with reusable ones.

Waste sorting

We have set up a waste sorting system: cardboard boxes, wood from pallets and plastic film are recycled.

Less paper

We are encouraging our employees to reduce their use of paper.

Charging stations

Our car park is equipped with a photovoltaic canopy: 4 electric vehicles can be recharged simultaneously.


The quality of life at work is also a key issue for Dome Solar employees. A good atmosphere is synonymous with well-being, which is why we organise monthly events such as coffee and cake, lunches and after-work drinks (interdepartmental). An end-of-year seminar is also organised with the aim of getting to know each other outside the daily work environment. We also regularly hire trainees in all departments and of course training employees is essential.

The CSR approach is extremely important now and for the coming years. This is why Dome Solar has chosen to make it a central part of its strategy.