Photovoltaic system mounted in the purlin – the most frequently installed in Europe

Ital-Solar is a photovoltaic mounting system for installing solar panels on sloping roofs. It is used on buildings with either an uninsulated roof deck (steel deck with trapezoidal profile) or sandwich panel roof.

The advantages of ITAL-SOLAR

Advantages of the system

One keyword: durability

A sturdy solution, the Ital-Solar photovoltaic mounting is fixed directly into the building’s purlins. In this way Dome Solar reduces the risk of water infiltration by ensuring optimal watertightness of the roof. With this mounting process, the loads applied to the photovoltaic system are borne by the building structure, guaranteeing resistance in the most difficult conditions.

Is your power plant project located on the seafront?

The New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN) which certifies the Ital-Solar mounting process approves the installation of this system up to 1 km from the coast, excluding conditions in which it is directly affected by sea water and sea spray (seafront). Dome Solar teams must use A4 grade stainless steel fasteners if your future installation is within 3 km of the seafront, so that they are resistant to the marine climate in the long term.

A premium metal: aluminium

The Ital-Solar photovoltaic process uses 97% aluminium. This metal has many advantages including being light, strong, recyclable and highly resistant to corrosion.

Documentation & Downloads

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Technical data

USE New roof or total or partial renovation
Distance between purlins: 2 m on uninsulated roof deck and 3 m on sandwich panel roof (possible to provide calculations for any project outside the scope of use)
TYPE OF ROOF Standard steel deck and sandwich panel
MATERIALS Aluminium and stainless steel
SUPPORTING STRUCTURE Metal or wooden frame
SYSTEM COMPONENTS 3.3 m aluminium rail, universal aluminium/stainless steel clamp, external clamp with aluminium/stainless steel finish, generator connector, EPDM seal
OPTIONS Module Grounding Connector, Rail Grounding Connector and cable guide



Dome Solar’s Ital-Solar system is a mounting solution for photovoltaic panels on trapezoidal sheets and sandwich panels.
This solution is certified by a New Technology Survey (Enquête de Technique Nouvelle – ETN).