Sales partners

Dome Solar is associated with national distributors that sell solar solutions.

For the past 8 years KdiSolar has relied on the expertise of its engineering office and its sales force to provide a high-quality service to its clients. Specialised in storage and distribution of the entire photovoltaic value chain, KdiSolar has made every effort to develop a high-performance logistics and transport service using the partnerships it has fostered with the biggest names in the industry.

For large agricultural or industrial roofing projects as well as for residential or tertiary installations, LARIVIERE Solutions Solaires offers a highly specialised range of products: photovoltaic or hybrid solar panels; mounting systems for all types of roofs, canopies, pergolas, awnings; inverters and monitoring systems; accessories and electrical protections.

Industrial partners

Partners which manufacture photovoltaic panels

Partners which manufacture waterproofing solutions

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