A sealed flat roof solar PV mounting system for bitumen membrane

Benefits :

ROOF-SOLAR BITUMEN is the Dome Solar solution for PV installation on bitumen roof, without waterproofing membrane drilling. These asphalt PV mounting system doesn’t need any drilling in the waterproofing membrane and avoid the risk of groundwater seepage. They are composed with rails. These ones helps to provide a linear distribution (non intermittent) of the weight, so the risk of punching is reduced. ROOF-SOLAR BITUMEN are PV mount without ballast. 

  1. An high quality quick PV mount in aluminum
  2. A light weight solar mounting system
  3. A non penetrative solar panel system
  4. Mid and end clamps for all framed PV solar panels


  • A robust and durable solution, certified by a French technical evaluation.
    Tightening requirements are respected by the manufacturers.

  • Fastening with no need of membrane perforation.
    Easy and rapid way to fix it to the structure.

  • Universal clamps designed for all types of framed modules.

  • Premium components in aluminum and stainless steel.
    Holding strips made from well-known brands recognised for their expertise (IKO).

Technical details :

Use conditions Wind zone 1 through 4, elevations up to 900 m, on an entirely closed building, whether new or renovated
Type of support Concrete & steel sheets
Module position Landscape mode
Material Aluminum, stainless steel and SBS bitumen
System weight 2.41 kg/m2 excluding the module
System components 1.2 m rails, Universal & External clamps, End Generator Rail Grounding Connector, cable guide, aluminium retaining strips, bitumen bands
Options Module Grounding Connector (MGC) and Rail Grounding Connector (RGC)