PV roof on the Perlamande Sofalip factory


Reference: Perlamande Sofalip factory roof

Site: Oraison (Alpes Maritimes, France)

Superficy area: 1 800 m²

Type of support: steel trough roof

Power: 250 kWp

In-service commissioning: October 2017

Dome Solar product used: Ital-Solar


CompanyArkolia Energies

Activity: Turn-key construction of power plant from the renewable energy segment (solar, biogaz, wind-power) and energy producer from their own park.

Specialisation: PV installation on new roofs, renovated roofs, carport, solar parks, self-consumption.

Annual revenue 31 M€ consolidated in 2016

Key numbers

  • Company founded in 2008
  • 49 collaborators
  • 6 agencies (Montpellier, Toulouse, Rodez, Paris, Gap and Nantes)
  • 2 R&D laboratories
  • 140 MWp in service shared across 350 sites at the end of 2016

Experience feedback

Feedbacks from Michel Rudeau, Engineering Manager at Arkolia Energies

Our company develop and implement all our photovoltaîc projects. We don’t fix ourselves the modules installations but we outsource it. However, we are faithful with Dome Solar‘s product because it’s a supplier who always gave us satisfaction. Their product were advised by many (different) engineering offices.

The advantages of Dome Solar

  • The customer relationship

We have very good relationship with their engineering office. The team always give some solutions according to our needs.

  • The reactivity

In our profession, meeting deadlines is one of our priority. Dome Solar can easily answer to some very urgent demands, which isn’t the case with all the suppliers for this type of product. We just know that if we have a problem the’ll be here for us.