Photovoltaic roof for an agricultural building in Aveyron


Reference: installation of photovoltaic modules on an agricultural building roof in Aveyron

Site: Bozouls (Aveyron, France)

Superficy area: 1 464 m²

Type of support: metal sheet roof

Power: 250 kWp

In-service commissioning: April 2018

Dome Solar product used: Hélios B²



Activity: installation and maintenance of photovoltaic solar power plants

Specialisation: power plants on roofs from 9 kWp to 1.2 MWp

Key numbers

  • Company founded in 2012
  • 3 collaborators
  • 1 site in Balma (Haute-Garonne, France)

Experience feedback

Feedbacks from Olivier Uthurralt, co-director at Solar A Venir

Because we had the opportunity to work with Dome Solar before, it is naturally that we came back to this supplier for our mounting system. We are very pleased with Dome Solar services and products that they have proposed.

The advantages of Dome Solar

  • The products

The presence of panel stopper gives us the choice to do the installation from above or from the bottom of the slope of the roof. It’s saving us time in terms of handling the modules on the roof. In the same way, the grounding system HB² has allowed us to divide the time initially allocated for this task by 2!

The cable outlet clip is very useful, it avoids the installation of a clamping collar and let the connector well out of the water flow area. It’s a real plus.

  • The start-up site

Special acknowledgement for this strong positive point! In fact, Dome Solar’s team puts a high point by taking into account the realities on the ground. The passage on site allow us to get some feedbacks which are then, mentioned internally.

  • Global service

Whether it has been an upstream project or a system installation, the team has always been available to process our own request. Thanks to their reactivity!