Solar Decathlon Africa 2019 : Dome Solar partner of the TDART team

In September 2019, the first African Edition of Solar Decathlon will be held in the green city Mohammed VI of Benguerir, Morocco. This competition consists in conceptualizing low energy buildings which use renewable energies and sustainable raw materials. The competition’s goal is to contribute to the knowledge of solar and sustainable housing by educating the general public on the benefits and opportunities of renewable energies and promote the use of solar technologies.

During this contest, 20 sustainable houses, built by 1200 students will be introduced to judges and visitors. Among this houses, the Tdart team, sponsored by Dome Solar, will be showing how they combined energy knowledge and skills to create the ultimate green house. Indeed, Tdart goals is to build a living organism, flexible, durable, adaptable to the needs of the multi-generational inhabitants, while preserving Moroccan identity.

What role is Dome Solar playing in the Tdart Project?

To build a self-efficient building for energy consumption, the Tdart team constructed a roof capable of hosting 35 photovoltaic modules which will be fixed by Dome Solar mounting system. Being one of the sponsors for this project, is a great opportunity to support young and talented students raising awareness about new solar technologies.

We hope students had a wonderful time working together for a better future and wish them good luck for the contest!

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