The Bacacier Group (specialist in metal cladding for buildings) is acquiring a stake in SAS Dome Solar (the leading company in the manufacture of photovoltaic panel mounting systems) in order to support it in its development.
The alignment of the Bacacier Group and Dome Solar will achieve several objectives, including that of meeting the growing need for synergies in the building envelope business.
In fact, the integration of photovoltaic panels is becoming more and more essential in real estate projects.
The Biodiversity Act, the “Place Au Soleil” initiative, long-term energy planning (PPE) and the introduction of new thermal regulations (RT) are set to act as a catalyst for the photovoltaic market.
Another objective will be to enable the Bacacier Group and Dome Solar to launch an offer for car park canopies and ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants.

Statement by Jean-Philippe LERAY – Chairman of SAS Dome Solar
“The arrival of the Bacacier Group is excellent news for our company and for our customers. We are recognised for the quality of our products and our service, but we needed to industrialize in order to meet the demands of our market. This year we will celebrate our company’s 10th anniversary and we are preparing for the next decade. Moreover, we share many of the same values, such as meeting our commitments and respecting our partners.”

Statement by Jean-Christophe Vigouroux – Chairman of the Bacacier Group
“Our group is proud to support DOME SOLAR in its many development projects.
We are convinced that the partnership will consolidate our two companies as a key player in the rapidly developing French and European photovoltaic industry.”

Press Release 19 July 2018
The Bacacier Group, based in Cébazat (63), which has over 450 employees to date, is one of the leading companies in metal cladding for the building industry in France. It is developing a range of products for the industrial, tertiary, agricultural and residential markets.
The group has 25 operational sites in France, and converts more than 100,000 tonnes of steel per year, representing 20% of the French market, for a total turnover of €175 million.

As the leading French company in photovoltaic panel mounting systems, Dome Solar relies on its strength in innovation to develop original systems.
Dome Solar was founded in 2008 and is located in Rezé (44). It specialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of photovoltaic panel mounting systems for medium and large roofs.
It has 28 employees and a turnover of €5.5 million.
It delivered 120 MWp of mounting systems in 2017, i.e. the equivalent of 1 million m² of roof space.
These products are installed on flat roofs (on bituminous, PVC, TPO* or EPDM** membranes) and on sloping roofs (steel deck or sandwich panels). The company has filed five patents since 2010.

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