To speed up the process of sending quotes and to ensure that no information is forgotten, Dome Solar is offering a new feature. You now have the opportunity to send your request for a detailed quote using three new smart online forms. In fact, for each product range we require a certain amount of information about your project. We have therefore chosen to adapt three questionnaires with the aim of facilitating the process of gathering information.

When you go to one of our product pages, you will see a “REQUEST A QUOTE” button. This link will take you to one of our new forms, depending on the product chosen: Form for the sloping roof range for the EB-Solar, Fibro-Solar, Hélios B², Ital-Solar, Kogysun +, Kogysun i+ and RB-Solar mounting systems. Form for the flat roof range for the Roof-Solar Bitumen, Roof-Solar Tilted Bitumen, Roof-Solar EPDM, Roof-Solar PVC, Roof-Solar Tilted PVC, Roof-Solar TPO and Roof-Solar Tilted TPO mounting systems. Form for the canopy range for the Hélios RC3 mounting system.

Once all your information has been entered, you will be able to attach any files relating to your project that you consider useful for our design office (technical data sheet of the photovoltaic module chosen, structural plan, layout plan, etc.).

To finish, click “Send” and your request will be received by our sales department, which will contact you as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about your project, you can call our various departments (sales, design office, logistics) on +33(0)

Lastly, full installation instructions are available in your Solar Services Space.