As its name implies, the Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process which allows to model a building from A to Z. True revolution in the construction industry, this kind of prototype provide the possibility of working on more ergonomic plans and also to boost collaborative work between all different actors (contracting authority, architects, project managers, companies, operators and managers) and to make easier exchanges between fields team.

Dome Solar is now part of this dynamic process and will provide firstly, all its systems: Roof-Solar Bitumen, Roof-Solar Tilted Bitumen, Roof-Solar PVC and Roof-Solar Tilted PVC in a BIM version.


BIM Roof-Solar Bitume maquette numérique


Roof-Solar Bitumen




BIM Roof-Solar Bitume Incliné maquette numérique



Roof-Solar Tilted Bitumen




BIM Roof-Solar PVC maquette numérique


Roof-Solar PVC




BIM Roof-Solar PVC Incliné maquette numérique



Roof-Solar Tilted PVC



These objects where made with our partner and are directly available from the download button.