About us

Dome Solar, manufacturer of mounting systems for solar photovoltaic modules

Dome Solar manufactures and distributes rooftop solar panel mounting solutions. All our products are manufactured in France to the highest international standards to ensure full compliance with local regulations.

In addition we have a privileged relationship with both manufacturers of photovoltaic panels and waterproofing products. This means that we can guarantee the reliability and adaptability of our rooftop solar panel mounting solutions with all systems currently on the market. In addition, a selection of our products have specific certifications further assuring full compatibility.

Dome Solar specialises in mid-to-large scale industrial, public sector, commercial and agricultural installations. And we are proud to include these well-known brands as our customers:

Vinci, Suez, Casino supermarkets, Caudalie cosmetics, and Chateau Lafitte wines.

All our products and components for our rooftop solar photovoltaic mounting solutions are quality designed to the highest standards. To this date we are proud to announce that we have had no products returns.


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