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All our mounting system are dedicated to a precise use apart from Ital-Solar and Hélios B² which can adapt on trapezoidal metal roof and on sandwich panel.

We provide this additional service to all our customers. Once your team has installed one of our system for the first time and when the request has been made, one of our member of staff of the engineering office will come to provide assistance in order to launch your first project.

Each project is studied upstream by our engineering office, from this study comes the commercial offer. Detailed layout plans will then be provided after the order has been processed with the commercial department.

We are designer and manufacturer but we don’t do the fitting of our photovoltaic mounting systems. However, we are able to give you contacts details of partners installers, depending of your geographic area.

Contact us so we can send you the correct file to fill.

Dome Solar sells its own mounting systems and distribute them through a wholesaler of PV solutions: KDI SOLAR (for the French market).

For the French market, Dome Solar certifies its mounting systems with the Assessment of New Technique, the Technical Evaluation and with a Technical Evaluation of Experimentation. These certifications are obtained by completing technical writing and by doing specific tests (pull-out and compression).

The core business of Dome Solar is all about design and manufacturing mounting system for photovoltaic generators for medium to large roof. However, we’ve got partnerships with companies and we are able to advise you in terms of solar modules and/or trapezoidal metal roof sheet.

Dome Solar is the specialist for photovoltaic mounting for medium and large roof. We are proposing some solutions for all type of “professional” roof (tilted roof: trapezoidal metal sheet roof, sandwich panel, fibre cement corrugated sheet ; flat roof: bituminous, waterproofing PVC and EPDM membrane ; carport range).

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