Our mounting system in the Switzerland citadel of Etoy


Reference: trade Area of Etoy

Site: Etoy (Canton of Vaud, Switzerland)

Superficy area: 2 227 m²

Type of support: trapezoidal sheets

Power: 335.75 kWp

In-service commissioning: September 2016

Dome Solar product used: Iso-Solar


Company: Suntechnics Fabrisolar

Activity: installation and operation of photovoltaic energy production building

Specialisation: achievements on added roof, integrated roof, flat roof, ground-based and facade

Target market: farmers, communities, companies, individuals

Key numbers

  • Company founded in 1947 (beginning oh photovoltaic activities in 1979)
  • 18 collaborators
  • Company based in Rolle and Zurich (Switzerland)
  • Installations throughout Switzerland

Experience feedback

Feedbacks from Olivier LOUTAN, Director, and Maxime MAIRE-AMIOT, Technical Director at Suntechnics Fabrisolar


The advantages of Dome Solar

  • Technical performance

Our team particularly appreciate the quality of the material Dome solar and the fact that the process avoid more drilling of the existing roof cover to installers.

  • Customer relationship

We have appreciated the availability, the efficiency and the reactivity of the team, which is for us an essential criteria.