Our photovoltaic fasteners on the roof of a Swiss villa


Achievement: Installation of photovoltaic panels on a housing roof in Swiss Romandie

Site: Saint-Blaise (Canton of Neuchâtel, Swiss)

Superficy area: 78 m²

Type of support: Bituminous membrane on a flat roof

Power: 13.725 kWc

In-service commissioning: April 2019

Type of connector: Resale on the public electricity grid

Dome Solar product used: Roof-Solar Bitumen


Company: E-SOLAIRE

Activities: Consulting, promotion, application & maintenance of solar and thermal projects

Specialisation: Application of renewable energy systems from 3 to 500 kWp

Target customer: Individuals, industries and communities

Key figures:

  • Corporation established in 2014
  • Head office with showroom based in La-Chaux-de-Fonds (Canton of Neuchâtel, Swiss)

Experience feedback

Opinion of Cyril DUBOIS, Founder & Director of E-SOLAIRE Company

It was the architect in charge of this project which oriented us toward Roof-Solar Bitumen solution. A system we did not know and we never used at that time. This installation was therefore, the opportunity to train our team whole on this mounting system and the result was more than positive. We were reluctant to work with a thermo-sealed system bituminous membrane since it was the first time, we ever used this type of product. However, applying this system turned out very easy and convenient.

The advantages of Dome Solar

  • The product

The Roof-Solar Bitumen system does not require ballasting, which reduces roof loads.

  • The delivery times

We were delivered on time, so the work went smoothly!

  • The time saving

We are qualified to do waterproofing and this fixing process has won us over.