A sealed flat roof solar PV mounting system for TPO membrane

Benefits :

ROOF-SOLAR TPO is the Dome Solar solution for solar panels installation on TPO flat roof, without perforating the waterproofing membrane. The ROOF-SOLAR TPO solution doesn’t require any perforation of the membrane and avoid any water leaks risks. Those systems are composed with rails. These ones provides a linear distribution (non punctual) of the weight, so the risk of punching is reduced. ROOF-SOLAR TPO are PV mount without ballast. 

  1. An high quality quick PV mount in aluminum
  2. A light weight solar mounting system
  3. A non penetrative solar panel system
  4. Mid and end clamps for all framed PV solar panels


  • Robust and durable reliable solution, certified by a French technical evaluation.
    Respect of the clamping recommendations by the solar modules manufacturers.

  • Clamping without membrane perforation.
    Easy and fast set-up of the tilted structure: it can be assembled prior to the installation on the roof, it is light, very handy, and is fixed to the rail in only few seconds.

  • Universal mounting systems for all framed modules.

  • Premium components in aluminum and stainless steel.
    Holding strips from a well-known brand who is recognised for their expertise (FIRESTONE).

TPO pv mounting system

Technical details :

Use conditions Closed building, new or renovated roof, total or partial covering
Type of support Concrete, ribbed steel sheets, wood, "C" class compressibility insulation, TPO waterproofing synthetic coating (min. 1.5 mm)
Module position Landscape mode
Materials Aluminum, stainless steel and TPO
System weight 2 kg/m² excluding the module
System components 1.2 m or 0.6 m aluminum rail equipped with support bands, universal and external clamps with an aluminum/stainless steel finish, connector placed at the generator base, cable guide
Options Module Grounding Connector, Rail Grounding Connector
TPO PV mounting system