EPDM PV mounting system

Benefits :

The ROOF-SOLAR EPDM solution is a flat roof mounting system solution on a waterproof EPDM membrane FIRESTONE.


  • Robust and durable reliable solution, certified by a French technical evaluation.

  • Implementation on roof terrace with a FIRESTONE EPDM membrane.

  • Universal fasteners for all framed modules.

  • Premium components in aluminum and stainless steel.

Technical details :

Use conditions New or renovated roof, wether total or partial covering
Type of support Concrete, OSB, corrugated metal sheet. Compressibility insulating class rate C. Waterproof EPDM Firestone liner Rubber Guard in complete adhesion.
Module position Landscape or Portrait mode
Material Aluminum, stainless steel, steel, polyamide
System weight 2-kg/m2 excluding the module
System components 3.3m Aluminum rail, aluminum/stainless steel universal clamp, alu/ stainless steel external clamp, polyamide base
Options Module Grounding Connector (MGC), cable guide
EPDM PV mounting system