Mounting systems for sheet metal roof and sandwichs panels

Benefits :

The ISO-SOLAR solution is fixed into the purlins and can go on most trapezoidal metal sheet roof sold on the market.


  • Strong and reliable solution fixed into the purlins’ construction structure.
    No additionnal drilling.

  • Ease of easy installation with clipping of the rail and clamps.
    Easy tightening of the mounting system to the module.
    Facility to connect the ground connector to the system due to the continuity of the rail in the slope.

  • Universal clamps for all framed modules.

  • Premium components made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Technical details :

Use conditions New or renovated roof, with total or partial covering
Distance between purlins : 2 m
Type of support Standard metal sheet and sandwich panel
Module position Landscape mode
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
System weight 1-kg/m2 excluding the module
System components 4.40 m rails & Rail supports, Universal & External clamps, Rail Grounding Connector, PVC Joint
Options Module Grounding Connector (MGC), Rail Grounding Connector (RGC) and cable guide