Mounting system for trapezoidal metal roofs and sandwich panels

Benefits :

The Hélios B² mounting system can be fixed on steel and on sandwich panels on a landscape mode orientation. It will go on industrials, agricultures, tertiary, and on ERP public building type of roof, (covering) on new and renovated constructions. With the Easy Clip system and its pre- manufactured design, once the module dimension is chosen, the pose mounting is very easy and fast.


  • Strong and durable mounting system certified with a Technique Advice (technical French evaluation).

  • Only 3 components.
    Easy mounting due to the system Easy Clip.

  • Mounting for all framed modules sized from 31 to 50 mm thickness.

  • Robust and reliable system, weight in the supporting structure support (jointed fixed into the purlins).

Technical details :

Use conditions New or renovated roof, covering all or part of the surface
Purlin distance : 2m on steel sheet 0.75 and sandwich panel / 1.8 m on steel sheet 0.63
Type of support Standard metal sheet and sandwich panel
Module position Landscape mode
Material Galvanized steel
System weight 2-kg/m² excluding the module
Supporting structure Metal or wood frameworks
System components Steel rail, steel rail support + EPDM joint and aluminum clamp
Option Module Grounding Connector (MGC)