A fibre cement PV mounting system

Benefits :

The Fibro Solar’s solution allows an easy and fast set up of a photovoltaïc generator on the roof (partial or total) with setting in the purlins.


  • Robust and durable solution, certified by a New Technique Advice (technical French evaluation).

  • Easy set-up with clipping of the rail with the clamp.
    Simple tightening of the mounting to the module.
    Ease of grounding connection of the system due to the continuity of the rail in the crawling.

  • Universal mounting systems for all framed modules.

  • Premium components in aluminum and stainless steel.

fibre cement pv mounting system

Technical details :

Use conditions New or renovated roof (except for asbestos), total or partial
Distance between purlins: 1.385 m (possibility to make a calculation note for all your projects outside of the use)
Type of support Fibre cement corrugated boards
Module position Landscape mode
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
System weight 1-kg/m2 excluding the module
System components Aluminum rails of 4.4 m conjoined, rail support and splice plate (with PVC joint), universal mounting alu/stainless steel, external finish clamp alu/stainless steel, rail grounding connectors
Options Module grounding connector (MGC), Rail Grounding Connector (RGC) and cable guide