Fastening mounting solution for trapezoidal sheet metal

Benefits :

EB-SOLAR is a mounting system for trapezoidal sheet metal made by Dome Solar. This solution is designed for all professional PV installers and give an outstanding value for money.


  • Robust and durable solution, certified by a New Technique Advice (technical French evaluation).

  • Ease of installation with clipping of the rail and fastener clamp, then simple tightening of the fastener clamp to the module.

  • Mounting system for all framed modules.

  • Premium components made of aluminum and stainless steel.

Technical details :

Use conditions New or renovated roof, with total or partial covering
Type of support Standard metal sheet
Module position Landscape mode
Material Aluminum and stainless steel
System weight 300-g/m2 excluding the module
System components 0.13 m rails (pre-punched and made with a PVC seal), Universal & External clamps, Rail Grounding Connector, stitching screws
Options Module Grounding Connector (MGC)