Our solar mounting systems for bitumen flat roof

A range of solar panel systems for flat roof terrace has been developed by Dome Solar, among those solar pv roof mounting systems two are made to be fixed on bitumen membrane.


The bitumen roof terrace specificities

A roof terrace, in order to welcome a Dome Solar mounting kit solar panel, has to be lower or equal to 10%. It is made of 3 basics elements: a load-bearing element in concrete or in corrugated sheet steel, an isolation product and a two layer bituminous self-protected waterproofing system.

Depending on their use, flat roof are said to be:

  • non accessible: when the only person who can access the roof is the maintenance staff ;
  • accessible: when it can be accessed by pedestrians and/or light or heavy-duty vehicles ;
  • technical: when technical equipment is on the roof and is only accessible for maintenance or repair staff on a working time schedule.

In the case where you would like to install some photovoltaic modules on your roof, it has to be dimensioned like a technical roof terrace.

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