Legal information

Legal information

Dome Solar
3 rue Marie Anderson
Tel: +33 (0)

Managing director: Jean-Philippe LERAY

Companies Register: 509 182 309 00039
Intracommunity VAT number: FR 57 509 182 309

Web design, SEO web and web editing has been created by the digital processing cabinet, BlueMarketing.

Pictures and home tv film is made by the Soleol SA company (Onnens project, Switzerland).


1. Content of the online offer:

DOME SOLAR does not guarantee the updatedness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against DOME SOLAR for property damage and consequential loss resulting from use or non-use of the information presented or use of incorrect or incomplete information are in principle excluded in the absence of proven deliberate tortious intent or serious negligence on the part of DOME SOLAR

The entire offering is non-binding and non-contractual. DOME SOLAR expressly reserves the right to amend, supplement or eliminate parts of the site or the entire content without notice or temporarily or definitively suspend publication.

2. Referrals and links:

In the case of direct or indirect references to third party websites (hyperlinks) for which our internet site is not responsible, an obligation to accept liability may only arise if DOME SOLAR is aware of the content and that if it is technically possible and acceptable to prevent usage in the case of unlawful contents.
DOME SOLAR hereby expressly states that no illegal content was identified on the linked sites on the date when the links were created. The author has no control over the current and future design or on the content or affiliation of the linked/referenced sites. We therefore hereby expressly disassociate ourselves from all content on all linked/referenced sites which have been modified after the links were created. This statement applies to all the links and references created in our own internet offer as well as to third party entries in guest books, discussion forums, catalogues of links, mailing lists created by the author and in any other form of database entries whose content can be edited externally. The provider of the linked site is solely liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and for damages arising out of the use or non-use of such information, not the person merely referring via links to the publication in question.

3. Copyright and distinctive signs

We make our best efforts to respect in all publications copyrights for the images, graphs, audio materials, video clips and texts used, and to use images, graphs, audio materials, video clips and texts we ourselves have produced or to use graphs, audio materials and video clips not subject to licences. All distinctive marks and signs cited in the internet offer and as appropriate those protected by third parties are subject without restriction to the provisions of the applicable law on distinctive signs and to the property rights of the respective registered owners. The mere mention of such marks shall not be deemed to mean that they are not protected by third party rights!
Copyright for the published objects which we ourselves have produced is exclusively reserved for the author of this website. Reproduction or use of said graphs, audio materials, video clips and texts in other electronic or printed publications is not authorised without our express consent.

4. Data protection:

Where the internet offer provides the possibility for entering personal or professional data (email addresses, names, addresses), the said data is disclosed by the user on an explicitly voluntary basis. Recourse to and payment for all the services offered is also permitted, insofar as technically possible and reasonable, without providing such data or by providing anonymous data or a pseudonym. Use by third parties of contact data published in the context of legal notices or comparable indications such as postal addresses, telephone and fax numbers and email addresses to send unsolicited information is forbidden. We expressly reserve the right to take legal action against senders of spam emails in the event of breach of this prohibition.

5. Legal validity of this disclaimer:

This present disclaimer shall be considered an integral part of the Internet offer from which reference was made to this page. The content and validity of the other parts of the document shall not be affected by the fact that parts or certain wordings in this text do not, no longer or not entirely correspond to the current legal situation.

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