Mounting solution for flat roof with waterproofing membrane in PVC

Benefits :

The ROOF-SOLAR TILTED PVC is a fastening system on a waterproofing synthetic membrane in PVC MEPLE, without perforation onto the membrane for the tilted version.


  • Robust and durable reliable solution, certified by a New Technique Advice (technical French evaluation).
    Respect of the clamping recommendations by the solar modules manufacturers.

  • Clamping without membrane perforation.
    Easy and fast set-up of the tilted structure: it can be assembled prior to the installation on the roof, it is light, very handy, and is fixed to the rail in only few seconds.

  • External fasteners.

  • Premium components in aluminum and stainless steel.
    Holding strips from a well-known brand who is recognised for their expertise (MEPLE).

Technical details :

Use conditions An entirely closed building, whether new or renovated
Type of support Corrugated steel sheets. Insulation with a "C" compressibility class rating. Sealant lining by application of a PVC membrane (min. 1,5 mm)
Module position Landscape mode
Material Aluminum, stainless steel and PVC
System weight 4.7 kg/m² excluding the module
System components 1.2 m rails and "Y" rails, External clamps, aluminium retaining strips, bitumen bands, Rail Grounding Connector
Options Module Grounding Connector (MGC), cable guide

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