Residential rooftop solar panel
mounting systems

Solutions for residential-use

Dome Solar has developed a variety of mounting solutions tailored to different photovoltaic applications (different types of roofs). This is includes residential rooftop solar panel mounting systems for private use (installation of photovoltaic panels on a house or block of flats).


What is residential use?

Private residential use means reducing one’s electricity consumption by producing and consuming solar energy via your own photovoltaic panels.

The aim of this approach is not to go completely off grid, but to make savings and consume the maximum amount of solar energy rather than electricity provided from the national grid at a single rate.


What are the advantages of using solar energy?

In addition to savings from local consumption of solar energy, the advantage of residential rooftop solar panels for private consumption is that they do not generate waste or pollution.


Dome Solar’s residential rooftop solar panel mounting systems

Dome Solar’s overlay mounting solutions (rooftop solar panel mounting system) are perfectly suited for private residential use:

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