In-house technical design team for structural analysis of your PV installation

Our specialist in-house technical design team conducts a feasibility analysis to determine a roof’s suitability for solar panel mounting. We then develop a detailed plan showing how to mount the rails, brackets and panels safely and accurately. A full project specification is also provided, removing the need for time-consuming component calculations.


Our easy-to-use components together with our technical team’s expert advice on how-to-lay panels means just 2 members of staff can install 150-180 solar panels per day.

Our approach reduces the number of man-hours needed per installation, thereby lowering your overall project costs.


Bespoke project design

As both designers and manufacturers of solar panel mounting systems for all roof types (industrial, commercial, public sector or residential buildings), we are well placed to advise you on bespoke projects. Please contact our technical design team.


Project and annual pricing plans

We provide both project-based pricing as well as very attractive year-long pricing, no matter the number of projects.*


Solar panel installation companies can make considerable cost-savings by reducing unnecessary stock of multiple components, and be safe in the knowledge that prices won’t fluctuate from one project to the next.

* The project must be for the same type of roof, within the same year.


Services as standard:

  • All our solar panel mounting systems and components are made in France
  • Technical specifications for your installation available in just 3 days
  • We hold large stocks which means shorter delivery times for quick turnaround on your solar panel installations

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